Welcome to Paradiso

The municipality of Paradiso is a small corner of paradise (literally!) surrounded by greenery, just a few minutes from the shores of the lake and the bustling city of Lugano.
It has always been popular with tourists visiting Canton Ticino, thanks to its well-kept parks, beautiful gardens and numerous historic villas.
It is easy to reach by train from the Lugano-Paradiso railway station, but also by car from the motorway by taking the Lugano Sud exit, or from the picturesque cantonal road that runs along the lake.

Trips and Activities

Lugano Lake

Lake Lugano offers groups an ideal destination for all kinds of activities: incentives, teambuilding activities and recreational programs.

Exclusive gems of culture are the cobblestone alleys, historic arches and unexplored corners of lakeside or mountain villages such as Morcote, Gandria, Carona or Montagnola, where time has stood still. In addition, the two mountains that frame the center of Lugano, Mount Bré and Mount San Salvatore, lend themselves ideally to various activities.

Monte Generoso
and Fiore di Pietra

Scaling mountains has been a way for people to leave their mark between earth and sky for centuries. "Fiore di pietra" is a new landmark at an altitude of 1700 metres and a symbol of Monte Generoso, an impressive work that bears the unmistakable imprint of Mario Botta, the world-renowned architect who designed not only the building, but also the interior spaces.

The Herman Hesse Museum

This small museum dedicated to the German writer Hermann Hesse in Montagnola, above Lugano, is one of the most visited in Ticino. A permanent exhibition in the Torre Camuzzi rooms, adjacent to the Nobel Prize winner's apartment, introduces us to the forty years that Hesse spent south of the Alps from 1919 onwards. It includes objects belonging to and works written by one of the most widely read authors in the world, such as his glasses, his typewriter, his soft watercolours.

Scherrer Gardens
in Morcote

Called 'The Garden of Wonders', the park was created by Arturo Scherrer (1881–1956), a textile merchant, travel enthusiast and lover of art and culture.
The park-monument houses a rich collection of art objects from different countries and eras, surrounded by lush vegetation and various buildings and works of art from all over the world.

San Grato
– Carona

Lying between San Salvatore and Monte Arbòstora, about ten kilometres from Lugano, the San Grato Botanical Park extends up to an altitude of 690 m with an exceptional panorama of the immediate surroundings, Ceresio and the peaks of the Alpine chain.

Visiting it offers the sensation of entering an enchanted world where the colours and scents of the azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons form a fragrant, almost intoxicating carpet.

Monte Brè
The Sunniest Mountain in Switzerland

Escape from the city to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of times gone by, surrounded by unspoilt nature: this is the atmosphere you can breathe on the summit of Monte Brè.
From a height of 933 metres, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of Lake Ceresio, the city of Lugano, Monte Rosa and, on a clear day, you can see the outline of the Maritime Alps 230 km away.

Switzerland for the Whole Family

Visit a miniature model of Switzerland and spend a lovely day out in a fantastic region. Don't miss Swissminiatur, an exciting place and an attraction for everyone who visits our country.

Splash & SPA Tamaro
Fun for the Family

After all the outdoor excursions that the Canton of Ticino offers, there is nothing better than a little cosy relaxation in the spa at the foot of Monte Tamaro (only 18 km from Lugano).
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